WHAT IS THE challenge fund?

The Sèmè City Development Agency (ADSC), in partnership with the World Bank and the National Agency for the Promotion of Heritage and the Development of Tourism (ANPT), is launching a new call for innovation with the Challenge Fund 2. This year, the goal is to connect innovative startups with local communities to improve tourism in Benin.

The first edition of the Challenge Fund took place in 2017 and brought entrepreneurs together to reflect on and innovate in the tourism sector. Following a rigorous selection process, 4 projects were prized at the Innovation Made in Africa Forum (FORIMA). The entrepreneurs who received $ 150,000 are currently supported in the implementation of their prototypes by Incub’IMA, Sèmè City’s first incubator.

This year, 7 local communities in Benin will serve as prime prototyping locations for entrepreneurs to present their innovative ideas for the tourism experience of the future, while taking into consideration the challenges that these local communities face.

Abomey, Cotonou, Porto-Novo, Grand Popo, Ouidah, Nikki and Natitingou will be your labs in this a win-win experiment.

Many participants expressed their interest in Challenge Fund 2 and attended the various information sessions that we organized across Benin to exchange on this call for innovative in tourism.

We are convinced that the tourism sector in Benin would benefit from all the ideas that are brewing and thus we have given all creative project leads the opportunity to apply to the Challenge Fund 2 by submitting a different project thematic.

The 7 municipalities selected remain the priority experimental territories of the but any project that can be scaled indifferently in all the Beninese municipalities will be considered.